What is Affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is an internet platform where a company for every transaction (every sale of a product or service) pays commission to the partner. It means that for the partner to be able to participate in Affiliate marketning, he/she doesn't need to have his/her own product, because he/she can work with products or services, that are created by others.
What is a partner's link?
Partner's link is a unique URL address, that provides partner's transaction and result recording. Parner's links and banners with partner's links, that partner puts in his/her website, can be found in his/her profile in section "Affiliate programs".
What is required to become a partner?
To become a partner, it is necessary to understand the basics of Affiliate marketing. It is advisable, but not mandatory to have your own website, where to put partner's links. It ir required to have a bank account, where we can transfer commissions that you earned.
Who can apply for Affiliate marketing program at DoAffiliate.NET?
In  Affiliate marketing program almost anyone can apply: natural persons, self-employed and legal persons.
How can I apply for becoming a partner at DoAffiliate.NET?
1. Register in our Affiliate program;
2. After receiving the confirmaton and password, go in your partner's account and find out more about all the options;
3. By using your partner's link, that you will find in your account, attract visitors;
4. Receive commission for every new client that you attract.
How can I find out how much money have I earned?
In the partner's account by selecting section "Reports", you will find all transactions, that have been done by using your partner's link. Records of transactions are done automatically, by using Cookie Tracking data, that is in the customer computer's memory.
When and how will I get the money?
Once a month all transactions are summarized and commission payments are calculated. Payments for the last month are done by the 20th day of the current month to partner's bank account. Minimum payment amount is 70 euros, unless the partner in his/her profile hasn't written another amount.
Where can I put the advertisement?
You can put advertising materials only in websites that you own or manage. You cannot publish advertisements by violating the law about advertising in the given countries. And next to the every campaign there is information about what kind of advertising methods are allowed and what is prohibited.